Accolades & Achievements

Olive Chef is extremely proud of the fact that we have consistently been training and producing chefs of exceptional quality for the past twenty years and we continuously strive to maintain this level of excellence.

  • Mariska Maritz has been honing her culinary skills at Waterkloof Estate under the extremely talented and well-known chef Gregory Czarnecki, who was named Chef of the year in 2016.
  • Moses Besele Moloi accepted a position at the The Marine Hotel and from there he was fortunate enough to relocate to the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Naples, Florida. After completing a year at the Ritz Carlton, he started working at The Greenhouse Restaurant in Cape Town, under another highly talented chef, Peter Tempelhoff. He is currently working as a junior Sous Chef at the Saxon, under renowned chef Luke Dale Roberts.
  • Olive Chef School is involved with Reizis Market and French Market, where we expose our students to the public and people can experience first-hand what it involves being or becoming a chef. The students prepare the food themselves under the experienced guidance of Chef Ruanda Hewetson. This is most definitely not only an opportunity for all to come and sample our freshly baked products, but also to assist us in supporting the local community.